Monster Finance - Max Layer 2
Maximum Farm Layer 2 - FTM Network
Monster Finance is the layer 2 of Maximum Farm on Fantom Network featuring a deflationary token model with a maximum supply of 45,000 MNSTR Tokens.
After reviewing several yield farming models we decided on a low emission rate, low supply, layered farming and Native Oriented tokenomics providing the highest weight towards Native tokens in our platform. Also we have included Dividend Pool in this Layer, where you can stake $MNSTR to earn USDC, which will inceltivize the native token holders. This model will help end users earn maximum yields over a long period of time.
Our goal is to provide our investors a safe and transparent environment so that they can use our platform with zero worry. Also we are the same team as of MAX Token, we have done RugDoc & JagoSafer KYC + LowRisk in previous layer (MAX) and our code is already audited by Paladin.
We will be using the same solidity code to deploy the contract(s) of MNSTR and going forward will get audit done by some other audit company.
Some of the highlighted features will be :-
  • 45,000 MNSTR Token
  • Native Oriented Tokenomics
  • Dividend Pool
  • Timelock at the time of Launch
  • Top FTM Pools & Farms
  • Low Supply
  • Low Emission
  • Layered Farming
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